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Reasons why a woman should consult a urologist

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There are several best urologists in Dubai. Urologists must be prepared to treat issues that influence the urinary tract. This is an arrangement of muscles, tubes and organs for example, the kidneys. Urologists additionally treat issues with the reproductive system in the both women and men as well. A few ladies might need to see urogynecologist. This specialist is a gynecologist with special training in treating bladder control issues and different conditions including the female reproductive system and urinary tract, for example, pelvic organ prolapse. To find more about the urologist, you may visit the mentioned website here for any respective hospital regarding to area. Here are the reasons that why women should consult to an urologist.

Urinary tract infections: Most ladies will build up a urinary tract infection (UTI) sooner or later in their lives. The contamination creates when microscopic organisms enter the urinary tract. Ladies with an UTI may have pain or burning when they urinate. They may likewise feel an abrupt inclination to go to the restroom, however then experience trouble urinating. UTIs can be serious, yet they additionally can be treated with anti-biotics.

Bladder control problems: Women of all ages can have issues with bladder control. Another name for this is urinary incontinence (UI). It is a typical issue among ladies. Ladies are twice as likely as men to have this issue. Women with UI may experience difficulty holding in urine, particularly when they sneeze, cough or exercise. This is called pressure incontinence. Stress UI can create when the muscles that help the bladder become powerless. This may happen after pregnancy and labor or essentially as ladies get more aged.

Fallen bladder: This condition happens when the bladder drops down into the vagina. The clinical term is cystocele. Bladder prolapse is another name for it. It can occur if the divider between the vagina and bladder gets frail. Regularly this happens subsequent to having a child. In any case, it can likewise happen subsequent to lifting heavy objects. Chronic coughing and obesity increase the chances of the bladder sinking into the vagina. The danger likewise increases with age, due to hormonal changes.

Urinary stones: Substances in urine can combine to form a kidney stone in the kidneys or bladder. This hard mass can also form in the ureters. Urinary stones can cause burning during urination. Women may likewise build up a fever or chills. These stones can make urine look or smell changed and the urine may contain blood.