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Dubai, UAE

List of Mental Health Issues

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There was a time when people used to think that therapists, psychologists and counselors are bad for the society like in a way that they take a lot of money and give suggestions that a group of friends or family members would give.

But the fact is that we as humans get tired of listening to the same person over and over again. Even if they are saying the things that are best for us but still we don’t want to listen to them and the same thing said by the person who does not know us at all, we tend to listen to them.

There are some historical events, in which the therapists, psychologists and counselors have played a very important role. Some even have counselled some major rulers in not making war and tackling with the situation with love and other ways.

Being a therapists, psychologists and counselors is a very respectable profession because they are helping the people getting sober and making them a better person and that we think is the best step towards humanity.

This post is beneficial for two parties; the one who are about to become a therapists, psychologists and counselors and the one who are about to get services from therapists, psychologists and counselors.

The people who are becoming an anxiety therapist in Dubai, therapists, psychologists and counselors will know what are the basic type of mental issues they have to deal while doing counselling in Dubai, so keep reading to know more;

Anxiety and panic attacks: these are the things that happen to anyone of us but there are some people who get it more often and in a bad way and you need to treat them slowly.

Bipolar Disorder: this is a type of issue in which a person becomes very moody instantly. For example, if a person is happy and at once or you can say all of a sudden, he or she becomes irritated then it means that they are on some stage of bipolar disorder.

Depression; this is the most common type of mental health issue and that is why you will get many clients who have this and there are ways of treating it.

Eating Disorder: this is the type of disorder every 8 out of 10 Americans have and you have to find out the main roots of the causes.