Arena Nordeste

Dubai, UAE

Importance of heart transplants

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Well, we all know that the medical treatments have advanced to a great extent and the most severe conditions can be easily treated with the help of professional health practitioners. Like for suppose if we talk about organ failure then few years back such patients were used to die because of insufficient treatment techniques and specialists. But now organ transplant has changed the overall scenario as critical organs like liver and heart can be transplanted thus giving a new life to the patient.

Among all these successful experiments heart transplant was something which just blew away people with great surprise as well as pleasure. In this procedure the diseased heart is replaced by a healthy heart of a person who died due to any reason. His heart is then taken with the approval of his family in order to save another person’s life. Finding the best heart transplant doctor is one of the challenging aspects as very few cardiac surgeons are specialized in transplanting a heart. There is a website named Gulf Heart Surgeon, click here now to find the best heart transplant doctors in Dubai. Following are some of the conditions in which heart transplant is quite important.

Advanced heart failure

In advanced heart failure or cardiac arrest, the functionality of heart rapidly falls and this is considered to be the end stage because the heart tissue is scarred due to severe attack which can not be revived through any treatment. Heart transplants are usually quite risky procedure and is only preferred in the worst circumstances when the heart becomes irresponsive to any other treatment. In such condition, saving a person’s life becomes first priority and the risk of heart transplant is taken in order to overcome the situation. Other severe conditions like cardiomyopathy also demand heart transplant as the heart becomes enlarged and excessively thick.

Congenital heart disorder

Congenital means that a person is having these kind of disorders since birth. There could be multiple reasons behind these heart defects among which the most common ones are gene mutation or abuse of certain medications during pregnancy. This could lead a baby to face severe conditions like defect in heart valves, walls and muscles. If these conditions remain untreatable with certain medications or surgeries then a heart transplant would be needed in order to save the patient’s life so that he could live a normal life.