Arena Nordeste

Dubai, UAE

What to use on tiles?

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There will be different kinds of concrete tiles Dubai which you can have in your home while changing the look of your house and most importantly changing the look of your kitchen and bathrooms. When there will be a lot of cooking using oil in the kitchen and there will be no adequate cleaning of kitchen tiles Dubai then you will get your tiles having a bad look and they will be then very difficult to clean and get a good look of them. In this case you need to change the tile but it is expensive too but in order to get the new look in cheaper price you can have other alternative like the wood and PVC. They are easy to use and look beautiful in your kitchen.

You can get the cut wood planks and then place them on the walls with a good amount of wood glue and then you will be done. There is no need to go on some extra lengths to hire some labor for that because you can do that easily. Here you will get to know about the advantages of getting these wood planks in your kitchen:

It will help you in attaching any kind of item with the help on nails on them like the pictures you want to hang there or the mirrors or any extra shelves that you want to get some extra space in your kitchen. They will be easy to attach on the wooden planks but when you have tiles then they will not be easy to have you nails on them.

When you have these planks in your bathroom then you will get some advantage in the winters that it will act like the insulator too. They will absorb all the heat and then do not allow that to escape the walls of the bathroom and you will feel the warmth of the water fumes for longer even when you close the tap or the shower. Tiles will not be capable of this thing.

When you have tiles then you can paint only a few kinds of paints on them because of the slippery surface but when you have wood then you can use any kind and color of paint on them and you will get desired look without changing the color of the paint.