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Running a business – Where are your profits?

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When you are a new entrepreneur in the UAE, running a business for some time, you might be stuck in the linear-graph stage. It means that you have been able to cover your expenses, but you are not making any profits. If all your gross profits are drowning in cost and salaries, read this article till the end to find out some excellent advice from the expert businessman.

Diagnose the problem:

The most important thing to determine is to find out where the problem lies. It is not necessarily related to your sales; there are so many reasons that may be adversely affecting your business. Here are a few pointers to help you find out the real problem:

  1. The increase and decrease in sales.
  2. The unfavorable conditions for a business at a particular time of year.
  3. The lack of financial transparency.
  4. The probability of fall in demand.
  5. The unaccounted-for increase in expenses (rent/salaries/bills).
  6. The price fluctuations in raw material and logistics.
  7. The misplaced investment plans.
  8. The transfer or expansion costs of business.
  9. The unexpected forex fluctuations.
  10. The sudden changes in government policies, i.e., Taxes, stock exchange.

Find a Solution:

In the world of business, “The question is half the answer.” Once you have successfully diagnosed the virus that is infecting your corporation, you can create a vaccine. This vaccine will not only take you out of the current breakeven slump but help in preventing any future mishaps of the same nature.

You can always look for business setup services in Abu Dhabi or hire company formation consultants in Abu Dhabi.  These corporations have CEOs, managers, auditors, and financial advisors with decades of experience. Every business has a different nature, and it needs a tailor-made solution for its unique troubles. Hiring an expert is the best way with which you can be on the fast track to solve your problem.


Survival in the trade markets of the world is no funny business. Many businesses get stuck in an endless loop of breakeven or losses. Being a businessperson means that you have to deal with all sorts of problems to keep your business growing and out of debt. You will have to deal with financial, marketing, real state, I.T, Human resources, Sales, After-sales, and Communications simultaneously. In the end, once you can crash through the gross profit, you will become successful.