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Dubai, UAE

Quick guide to creating a flash mob

2 min read

Flash mobs are something extremely fun to prepare for but no doubt it takes a lot of hard work and determination to build one. It also has its own amazing benefits one of which is gathering the crew of dancers Dubai and finding your rhythm and solidarity. It does not require a lot but Dubai airport flash mob can probably make someone’s trip worth the efforts.

  • Spread the word

One of the best ways to be discovered is to spread the word about your performance so that people know you are there and available. A flash mob can often get lost in the herd when there is no audience to appreciate them which is something a hard working crew does not want happening. If you are considering something bigger and extravagant then consider getting outside help so that you know you are prepared for the party to get started.

  • Film the experience

If you are still in practice stage then having a recorded scene is one of the best things which you can aim for as it gives you a clear third perspective to see how your performance went and what the weak points were. Not only that, you can also use this footage for marketing later on and it is a great treasure to behold as over the years and experience, you get to see how you have evolved individually and as a group.

  • Practice practice practice

This advice is something which you must have heard but let us repeat it for you. Practice is everything and the more you perform the better you become at it. Because flash mobs are considered more of an extra curricular activity, you would have to prepare the practice timings while keeping the group members’ convenient timing under consideration. But don’t give up practice because it will help you a lot in getting better and can make a huge difference in your final performance.

  • Have an escape plan

This is the fun and crazily stressful part of the job. Those who perform flash mobs have a basic idea of their escape plan so make sure that you have one sketched out before everything gets out of hand. It can be a very daring experience but the successful flee can be quite fun to look back at.