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Properties of glass

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Properties of glass

There are a lot of different kinds of glass like the clear glass thick ones for tables and the thin ones for windows or in decor items. There is also another kind of glass called the ballistic glass which is used as a bullet proof glass as it will be really thick and have several layers are required to create this kind of glass. Here you will get to know about different properties of good and durable glass:


When you are going to get a piece of glass for any kind of use in your house or at any other pace, then you need to make sure that the glass will be smooth looking and there will no scratches on that. When you are trying to get that for the tables and windows then you need to see that the glass is scratch resistant because scratches on these places will look so weird and no one will like them. Once you get scratches on these glasses then you will have to hide them by applying different things on them so in order to avoid these unnecessary efforts, you need to buy carefully.


When you are going to get a glass for the windows then you have to use the clear one and also on the tables because these should be clear enough so everyone can see through them especially when you are looking through a window. When there will be yellowish color glass then it will be cheaper looking so you have to avoid that. There should be any blurriness in the glass too as it will not look good and everyone will see that you are using some cheap quality glasses in your house.


Weight of a glass is very important because when you have  glass that is heavy then there will be problem in handling that and also you will get it difficult to stick that on to the wall or in the window frame so you need to get the lighter one. Most good and expensive glasses will be light weight so it will be easier for you to handle and assemble without the help of nay professional but it is recommended for you to hire a professional when you are going to use the glass for the first time in any house item.

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