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How To Find The Right Florist

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It’s your wedding day or some festival that requires fascinating specs on flower-design and pattern. You could do two things, either you hire a professional florist (if it is in your budget)

Or do it by yourself through some serious Google searching. In any way, you will find yourself in conflicting ideas of hiring a professional wedding florist in Dubai.

Therefore, let me ask you two questions that could make your confusion clear:

  1. Is it a professional meeting or an important festival, one that can make a headline?
  2. Is it your first attempt to do flower-design, or are you too busy to even check the flowers that you ordered yesterday?

If your answer is positive, then you should think of hiring some professional florists rather than do your own thing.

But finding a good florist is not easy, there are several types of florist’s i.e.

  • Retail florists: Who are shop owners in the street can do the design on small events, and usually do serving and funerals.
  • Floral design: They are professional designers, who can decorate your wedding day to your expectations. They could be either cheap or expensive depends on their portfolios
  • Full-service designers: They are also wedding designers, but they also provide tables, caters, and other necessary supplies for the wedding. Their work is artistic but is expensive as Trump’s private plane.

Before You Look

Before looking for florists take a deep breath and make a plan according to your budget and suitable design for the wedding ceremony. Ask yourself, will this look good?

Are flowers important to me or it’s just a stupid tradition?

When you planned out everything, then open your laptop and get ready to do some serious searching.

Look For The Best

Google search engine is programmed to give you the best search result possible i.e. the best florists in town. From there you could look at their website, check their reviews, and at last their portfolios for some work examples. However, it might not be that simple, you do need to get an appointment and a date. So, it is in your best interest to book your florist days before your wedding.

Ask A Recommendation 

Recommendation or reference is a niche way to find good florists. This is because they will be familiar and has a reputation to maintain in the eyes of his/her old customer. Simply; a win-win situation.

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