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Famous malls in Dubai and their amazing restaurants

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Whenever someone talks about shopping, people always crave for the malls of Dubai. If you are a shopping freak or love to shop then malls of Dubai are just for you to hop on and get the best of all the stuff. If you are planning a trip to Dubai then you should definitely go to the malls of Dubai to treat yourself with the best malls in the world.

The most popular city of the United Arab Emirates has over 65 malls in total to provide you with the best shopping experience along with the best of products just for you. You can easily find everything and anything from your favorite brands and boutiques at different malls in Dubai. You will also see amazing restaurants having cocktail tables in Dubai. Different malls in Dubai are flourishing you with much more than your favorite brands with indoor theme parks, cultural attractions and much more in order to take your shopping experience to the next level.  .

The Dubai mall

Dubai mall is the largest mall in the world with an area of 12 million square feet. Dubai mall is providing you with much more than your favorite boutiques and brands with over 1200 stores. Dubai mall has an underwater zoo and aquarium for you to get a brief look of marine life. Moreover, Dubai mall has the best food court for your appetite and has the best restaurants and cuisines of Dubai.

Mall of Emirates

Mall of Emirates is also one of the most popular malls in Dubai. Mall of Emirates has more than 900 shops with the best range of retail shops, boutiques and brands for you to get your hands on the best of products. The mall of Emirates has a cinema for you to enjoy the latest movies in order to make your weekends and trips memorable. Mall of Emirates has over 100 restaurants for you to dine in and have the best food of Dubai and other cultural dishes. You will be amazed with classy restaurant furniture in Dubai in those malls.

Dubai outlet mall

If you are a shopping freak but unfortunately you are broke and still want to shop in Dubai then Dubai outlet mall is the best way for you to shop at your favorite boutiques and brands with low prices. Although Dubai outlet mall is a bit out of the way and you have to drive a lot in order to get yourself from the city to the mall but the discounts there at your favorite makeup and outfit stores are worth the drive. Usually the prices at the Dubai outlet mall are 30% less than that of Dubai mall and mall of Emirates.