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Dubai, UAE

Easy Ways of Protecting Our Eco System

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Protecting our eco system is our responsibility. Our eco system is the thing that keeps us together and that keeps our world together as well. If there was no eco system, then there would be nothing, not even us. There are different role players of the eco system, from humans to plants, from bacteria or molds, from animals to dust, almost everything is required to run the eco system. It is like a full cycle and that is why even if one thing goes extinct forever, then the cycle will not work in the way, it used to be. The example, of global warming is before you, how the cutting of trees produces more heat and more heat makes the water melt and that is why sea levels increase and that is why there are so many floods each year. And these are just the main points, if we take a deep gander, then there is much that is disturbed in the eco system other than floods. There are ways to protect our eco system by using eco friendly food packaging by contacting biodegradable packaging suppliers but there are other ways as well, keep reading to find out more;

  1. The first thing and the easiest thing you can do is plant a tree. Like we stated above that cutting the trees causes massive problems and what you can do is plant a tree. If you say that you cannot afford it then there are different agencies and NGOs that ask people to come over to their office or just inbox them and they will give you plants so that you can plant them. You can plant them around your house and after some years, that tree will be doing much for you like providing fresh oxygen, giving shade, green is good for eyes and the tree will do good for them and if it is a fruit tree, you will get unlimited supply of that fruit for life and you can even put a swing on it for your kid.
  2. The second best thing you can do is drive less and bike more. Not the motor bike but the bike that you have cycle for. It is good for your health and there will be less fuel burned and burned fuel has smoke that is bad for the world and for the air we breathe.